Cardiff State Beach,  Photography Friday

Cardiff State Beach Path – Photography Friday

I lived in Solana Beach for just over a year, and one of the very best parts was how close I was to the beach.  The house where I lived has access to a private pathway down to Cardiff State Beach – all you have to do was walk through a gate and down a path, and there you are.  The path is maintained by the various houses it passes behind, so each homeowner has different plants and landscaping.  The end of the path is the perfect place to sit and watch the tide move in and out while the sun sets on the horizon.  It’s difficult to put into words how completely calming it is to sit there and just listen to the waves.

Sunsets on the west coast are so beautiful.  I did my best, but it’s almost impossible to capture such beauty in a photograph.  For my birthday, I hope you enjoy these digital images taken during December of 2016, starting at the top of my Cardiff State Beach path.

cardiff state beach path sunset on the pacific ocean pacific ocean during sunset hazy path down to the beach seagull in front of the ocean puddles during low tide tide pools with seagulls gull beside pacific ocean wading in pacific ocean during sunset pacific ocean sunset pacific ocean sunset pacific ocean sunset cardiff state park sunset cardiff state park sunset cardiff state park sunset


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