Illinois,  Photography Friday

Missing Warmth – Photography Friday

I am missing warmth.  Winter is a miserable season for me in the midwest, especially after living in San Diego.  I miss the warmth of the sun and being able to go outside without layering.  Life is so much better when we can have the windows open.  When we can let a fresh breeze blow through the whole house.  It’s slowly getting better – at least it isn’t under freezing every day anymore – but it’s not warm enough for that just yet.  Soon.

grain silo in northern illinois at sunset missing warmth grain silos at sunset silhouettes sunset over train tracks in rural illinois treeline silhouette at sunset wild flowers and grass in rural illinois little white wild flowers in rural illinois red berries on a branch in illinois sunset in rural illinois in fall setting sun in rural illinois in fall queen anne's lace at sunset sun setting behind trees in illinois

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