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Balboa Park,  Photography Friday

Balboa Park Adventure – Photography Friday

Every Friday, I want to make a habit of posting some of my personal photography.  I do a lot of work digitally, but I am also a huge fan of film.  I mostly use a Yashica Mat 124 that was graciously gifted to me by my aunt’s mother-in-law a few Christmases ago.  It, and a number of other cameras, had belonged to her husband.  After he passed away, she gifted them to me.  That was a few years ago, and when I moved across the country, I sadly had to get rid of the majority of my cameras.  But I kept the Yashica (as well as a 35mm Argus that I have yet to play around with) and I absolutely love to take it out.

There is something incredibly relaxing about the method involved in film photography.  You can’t spend a few shots getting it right the way you can with digital photography.  Because you have to be more careful with your exposure and composition, you are forced to slow down.  You take your time, absorbing your surroundings and your subject.  And then, with the push of a button, it’s done.  You can’t take it back.  What you’ve captured is there in your camera, for better or worse.

I spent a few hours in Balboa Park for these images, wandering through the Botanical Building and admiring the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden.  I absolutely love the rose garden.  Some of the blooms are truly magical.  I was lucky enough to visit on a slower day, so I avoided the crowds and captured some images without human interference.

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Balboa Park

Botanical Building

Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden