Work in Progress – To Do Tuesday

I’m just starting off on this whole blog thing, so while I have a lot of grand ideas, I don’t always have a ton of follow-through.  For instance, I have a couple of embroidery stitch tutorials written out, but no pictures to go along with them, so I didn’t post the first tutorial yesterday like I had originally planned to do.

Scheduling is hard.  It’s something I was working on with my therapist before I moved back to Illinois from California.  I feel like I work best when I have a set schedule – I know what’s expected of me and when it’s expected, so I have a fairly solid deadline to get things done.  When I was on the west coast, it was easy to keep a schedule – on duty with the kids at 9:30, activity of the day with the toddler, then off duty around 2:30 when he went down for his nap.  The rest of the day was mine to work on editing projects for clients, to work on my own craft projects, or to get out of the house and run errands or adventure on my own.

Now that I’m back in Illinois, I’m having a harder time keeping a schedule for myself.  I don’t have any kids to watch, so I don’t have a fixed time that I have to be up, though I do have my alarm set for 9:30 so I’m at least awake by a specific time.  I don’t always get out of bed right away, though, since I don’t have any pressing matters that have to be taken care of.  I have ideas for blog entries I want to post, but it’s nothing that HAS to get done.  I have ideas for crafting projects I want to do, but again, they’re nothing I HAVE to do.  Of course, when I don’t finish these things, my depression likes to rear its ugly head and make me feel bad for not completing them.  And then I don’t want to do them, so they don’t get done and I feel bad that they aren’t done and it’s a pretty horrible circle.

I want to try to do better at scheduling myself, though, and I hope you don’t mind being sort of my sounding board for this.  Maybe if I put my “work in progress” list out there in the world, I’ll feel like there are more people than just me waiting for these things to get done.  Or maybe it won’t work, I don’t know.  At least I’m trying.

Thank you for reading this and letting me vent in a sort of stream of consciousness sort of way.  I can’t have a post without any pictures in them, even if it’s just a cell phone shot.  So before I leave you with my work in progress list, here’s one of my favorite guys in one of our favorite places.

work in progress stream of conscious writing

A list in no particular order of things to work on this week:

  • Etsy shop update for the 19th
    • Organize finished products so they’re more easily accessible
  • Mailing list email for the 17th
  • Stitch sampler and photography for first embroidery tutorial so it can be posted on the 26th
  • Get new lights
  • Get a work table
    • Rearrange room to get rid of old desk and fit in new table
  • Finish organizing shelves
  • Continue practicing Tightrope on uke